Spirex Optimizer CD-ROM

Spirex wanted a multimedia marketing CD-ROM to distribute at trade shows, send to prospective customers, and use as a sales tool. One goal was to mimic the look and feel of the web site (ad did their print materials). Another was to be able to connect to the web site for current contact information for sales personnel around the world.

The CD-ROM used much of the same media originally developed for the web site, including product demonstration videos, animations, photos, graphs, and PDF documents. It also featured the same return-on-investment calculators as the web site, including the bar and line charts that displayed the results.

The CD-ROM was programmed in VB.NET, used Windows Media Player for delivery of video, and used InstallShield to produce the installation program. The return-on-investment calculators used the same code as the calculators on the ASP.NET web site.

Screen Shots