UCSD Abstracts

The client group at the University of California at San Diego is responsible for hosting medical conferences. One aspect of their work is accepting, reviewing, approving, and compiling abstracts of presentations for each conference. They needed a more efficient way to handle all of these tasks, which have historically been done with manual processes.

The site was designed to serve three separate audiences: the submitters, the reviewers, and the administrators. The submitters can register, submit abstracts via standard HTML forms on the site, browse past abstracts, and confirm the status of their abstract(s). The reviewers can review abstracts for their conference, and can see the content of previous reviews for each abstract. The administrator can edit any and all data contained in the system, including conference data, review data, and even abstract data. The administrator can also view and/or print reports for individual abstracts, lists of abstracts, or the abstract book that is compiled at the end of the process.

The site was created using ASP.NET and SQL Server. The reports were created with Crystal Reports and were integrated using HTML forms to supply the administrator’s desired parameters. The data editing portion of the application was created using IronSpeed Designer.

Screen Shots