WAPA Report Desktop

The Western Area Power Administration’s Desert Southwest division was looking for a new "Report Desktop". They were using Crystal Reports, but wanted to use Crystal Enterprise to deliver the reports more effectively. Specifically, they were looking for some type of "dashboard" functionality, as well as an enhanced report browser. In addition, they needed to customize the application on a user-by-user basis.

The dashboard system was designed to accept standard Crystal Reports and utilize the Report Part Viewer functionality. A custom database and administration program was developed to allow administrators to create dashboard definitions for individual users and/or groups of users. The entire system was designed to be totally scalable, allowing for an unlimited number of different dashboards, users, and groups across the system.

The report browser was designed to use a custom interactive tree for navigation. The tree is dynamically built for each session, and mimics the hierarchical structure of the CE environment. The "My Reports" tab uses the "Favorites" feature of CE to store a user’s shortcuts, and uses the interactive tree’s drag-and-drop functionality to create an intuitive and highly functional user interface.

The application was built using CE v10 and the .NET SDK. Several .NET components from ComponentArt were integrated to produce the tabs, popup menus, and tree functionality.

Screen Shots