Brian Norris is an independent consultant specializing in Crystal Reports, Crystal Server, QlikView, and web application development. Over 25 years of programming and project management have given him experience in a wide variety of skills encompassing many technologies, languages, and media.

Business Intelligence

Brian has designed, developed, and deployed Crystal Reports and Crystal Server systems for numerous domestic and international customers. He has used the CSP, ASP, and .NET APIs to create fully custom applications as well as integrate custom CE interfaces into existing intranets and extranets. Brian has integrated Crystal Reports into ASP.NET web applications and has experience with all the CR integration tools. Brian has also developed sophisticated reports, headed reporting standardization projects, and led Crystal Reports end-user training programs.

Brian was one of the earliest certified developers for Crystal Enterprise v8, and was a contributing author to the best-selling book, Crystal Reports: The Complete Reference.

And recently Brian has developed projects with both SQL Server Reporting Services and Telerik Reporting, using each system for its strengths in various applications.

Web Development

Brian was Chief Technology Officer of such progressive Internet organizations as GolfMedia.com, VirtualVisits.com, and WineToday.com. In that capacity, he led multi-function teams in the design, development, and delivery of high-end commercial web sites.

Recently, Brian has been working as a one-stop web development shop, providing all the skills necessary to produce sophisticated database-driven interactive sites, including planning, graphic design, database design, programming, and project management.


Prior to his web and reporting experiences, Brian was involved in the delivery of multimedia through authoring applications. He produced programs and interfaces for multimedia CD-ROMs, computer-based training programs, and public kiosks. Recently, he delivered a multimedia marketing CD-ROM built in VB.NET, complete with animation, video, and connection to the Web.

Brian has been involved in music, theater, and film since childhood, giving him a critical eye and ear for composition and aesthetics. He also has years of writing experience and is often responsible for copywriting and/or editing.

Brian’s varied experiences and travels have produced a personal network of professionals that provide an extremely talented extension of his own services. When necessary, Brian can call on top-notch professionals for animation, video, music, and voiceover, as well as graphic design, database design, ecommerce, and programming.


A resume is available online, and is also available as a downloadable PDF document.


A list of references is available online, and is also available as a downloadable PDF document.

More Information

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